Mottainai Kitchen is a culinary road movie, tackling the issue of food waste and other environmental issues in Japan, searching for sustainable solutions. The film follows filmmaker and food activist David Gross as he discovers the fascinating Japanese concept of Mottainai, meets local chefs, scientists and farmers while creating tasty recipes for a “Zero Waste Kitchen Revolution”. Dont waste anything that still has value.

Dont waste anything that still has value. This is the “Mottainai” concept. It can also refer to creative solutions. This ancient philosophy has been experiencing a revival in its country of origin, and it may offer some useful advice for the rest of the world too. Despite its fame as a gourmet haven, Japan has one of the highest numbers of food waste globally. How is that possible and what can we do about it? Where other people see only problems, Mottainai Kitchen goes out to find solutions.

Gross travels across Japan for 4 weeks and only cooks with ingredients that others call waste. On his journey he meets chefs, farmers, activists and scientists and is supported by Nikki, his translator and colleague. The two drive a mobile kitchen created by young designers using recycled materials. Mottainai Kitchen is a film that combines purpose and fun,whetting your appetite for a sustainable future.



Don´t waste it, cook it!

Japan 2020, 95 min.

Director/Script/Presenter: David Groß
Camera: Daniel Samer
Co-Host: Nikki Tsukamoto 
Producer: Kenji Sekine/United People

In summer 2019, the filming of Mottainai Kitchen took place in Japan.

The documentary premiered in Tokyo in August 2020 and has since been shown in over 80 cinemas across Japan. Mottainai Kitchen is also screening at international film festivals, most recently in the US and South Korea.

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A car that runs on used vegetable oil, a mobile stove and a host of culinary ideas in his backpack: Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste is an entertaining road movie detailing a journey through five European countries, where the only thing on the menu is what others call garbage. David, the host of Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste, whips up creative meals aimed at fighting food waste and our consumption-driven society, and at the same time inspire us to search for creative solutions.



Make food, not waste!

A 2015, 5×26 & 81 min, 
Mischief Films

PREISE (Auswahl)

• DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARDS 2015: Documentary Silver Award
• CANNES TV & MEDIA AWARD 2015: Silver Dolphin
• NaturVision 2016: Deutscher Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsfilmpreis

• DEAUVILLE Green Awards, France 2015
• INFF Innsbruck, Austria 2015
• IDFA Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015
• ECOCUP Moskau, Russia 2016
• GreenMe Filmfestival, Germany 2016
• Colorado Environmental Film Festival, U.S.A. 2016
• ZagrebDox, Croatia 2016
• Tartu World Film, Estonia 2016
• Cape Town Eco Film Festival, South Africa 2016
• Cinemazero Cultural Association, Italy 2016

Director: David Groß & Georg Misch
Script: David Groß (Autor & Presenter)
Camera: Daniel Samer
Sound: Tony Zhang
Editor: Marek Kralovsky 
Music: Jim Howard
Producer: Ralph Wieser
Production: David Bohun
Translation: Jill Kreuer
In Collaboration with: SWR/ARTE, ORF,

Supported by Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, Lebensministerium Austria

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People from all over the world meet on a weekly basis at the Atelier de conversation of the Bibliothèque publique d’information located in the Centre Pompidou in Paris to practice their French. Refugees of war sit together with businessmen, easy-going students next to victims of political persecution. As diverse as its members might be, they have one goal in common that connects all of them: to learn the language and find companions while living abroad – if not to survive living abroad. At this hopeful place social and cultural borders dissolve. People, who otherwise would never be in touch, meet eye to eye.

Dans la Bibliothèque publique d‘information, au Centre Pompidou de Paris, des personnes venant des quatre coins du monde se rencontrent, chaque semaine, dans l‘Atelier de conversation pour parler français. Les réfugiés de guerre côtoient les hommes d‘affaire, les étudiants insouciants croisent les victimes de persécutions politiques. Malgré leurs différences, participantes et participants partagent des objectifs communs : apprendre la langue et trouver des alliés pour pouvoir (sur)vivre à l‘étranger. C‘est dans ce lieu rempli d‘espoir où les frontières sociales et culturelles s‘effacent que des individus, dont les routes ne se seraient jamais croisées, se rencontrent d‘égal à égal.

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Sales/Distribution international: SIXPACKFILM
Distribution France:  ASC DISTRIBUTION
Distribution Austria: POLYFILM


AT/FR/LI, 2017, 72 Min.
DCP, French OV, French with English or German subtitles


Opening Film, Cinéma du rèel 2017, Paris/France

Documentary Special Jury Prize, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017, Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic

ARTE Documentary Film Prize, Duisburger Filmwoche 2017, Duisburg/Germany


Author and director: Bernhard Braunstein

Camera: Adrien Lecouturier

Editing: Roland Stöttinger

Dramaturgical advice: Lucile Chaufour

Sound: Nicolas Joly, Clément Maléo, Alexandre Andrillon, Philippe Schillinger

Sound mix, sound editing: Nicolas Joly

Color correction: Dimitri Aschwanden

Music: Lucile Chaufour

Graphics: Matthias van Baaren

Producers: Bernhard Braunstein, Dominik Tschütscher

Production company: schaller08 (A), Supersonicglide (F)

Funding: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich – innovative film austria, BKA Startstipendium Film, Land Salzburg Kultur, Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Stadt Salzburg Kultur

In collaboration with: Bpi – Bibliothéque publique d’information, Centre Pompidou


Interview: Bernhard Braunstein and Raphael Casadesus, for FilmDoo, September 2017

Joachim Schätz for sixpackfilm 2017 / Martin Horyna for Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2017

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TV series, 2 seasons, Servus TV.

Austrian documentary filmmaker David Groß goes on a journey of discovery.

He drives across Austria in his blue van and visits idiosyncratic people who have posted curious and exciting classified ads.

Written/Co-directed/Presented by: David Groß

Director/Producer: Chris Weisz

Camera: Daniel Samer and others


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REFUGEE.TV is an act of empowerment. The vision is to create a TV station, which is designed by refugees in cooperation with a German/Austrian film team.

The reporters of came to Europe as refugees. Amongst the refugees coming to Europe are many skilled workers, some filmmakers, journalists and camera men. Many refugees had to flee their home country because they were putting the spotlight on problems and injustices in their home countries. provides them a platform to continue their passionate work.

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PRESENTERS: Olivia Christopher, Roula Mahmoud
REPORTERS: Said Mohamed, Ayad Salim, Arman Niamat Ullah
GUEST-REPORTERS: Sobhi Aksh, Tanya Kayhan, Nori Dher
CAMERA: Fathi Ganim, Newton Idemudia
PRODUCTION: David Groß, Martin Hasenöhrl, Daniel Samer
LOGO-DESIGN: Robert Funke
ANIMATION: Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner
WEBSITE: Stefan Niessner
MUSIC: Sigrid Likar
LINE PRODUCER: Johannes Raher


Digital Spring – Media-art-festival 2016
Interlab Festival 2016
Wienwoche 2016

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The cultural department of the City of Salzburg awards prizes for outstanding achievements in art, culture, science, research and youth work every year. Bernhard Braunstein, David Groß and Martin Hasenöhrl (schaller08) received the scholarship award of the Kulturfonds – “for the successful film work of each individual, especially for the bundling of these forces in an innovative team”. Since then, we have been portraying the award winners every year.


40 film portraits Kulturfonds, AT 2011-2016, 3-5 min, HD
Production: schaller08
Interviews: David Groß
Camera: Bernhard Braunstein
Sound and photography: Martin Hasenöhrl

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Film Portrait Michael Bilic

After 40 years of dedicated and successful work Michael Bilic has ended his function as managing director of DAS KINO. On this occasion, we have created a 25-minute film portrait. “Man with properties” will be shown for the first time on February 24th from 7 pm as part of a “farewell evening”.


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