David Gross is a TV presenter, filmmaker and artivist (artist + activist). He is the initiator of the crossmedia projects wastecooking and refugee.tv. Since 2003, David has been shooting experimental documentaries, which are shown in cinemas and festivals. In 2006 David Gross started his career as a TV presenter. David Gross was born and raised in Salzburg. He completed a cooking education, before he studied dramatics in Vienna and journalism in Krems.



FILMOGRAPHY (selection):

2020 Mottainai Kitchen – cinema Documentary (Script, Director, Presenter)

2018 Groß und Kleinanzeigen – TV series, 2 seasons, Servus TV (Script, Co-Director, Presenter)

2016 Wastecooking – cinema documentary (Script, Co-Director, Presenter)

2016 REFUGEE.TV – crossmedia-project (concept and implementation)

2014 WASTECOOKING – transmedia-project, web series, 2 seasons TV series, 1 cinema documentary (concept, director, presenter)

2011 HOLY WATERS – documentary, 74 min. (author and director)

2008 PHARAOH BIPOLAR – documentary, 60 min. (director and editing – together with Bernhard Braunstein)

2006 TRAVELING IN MY OWN ROOM – documentary, 56 min. (director and editing – together with Bernhard Braunstein)

2006 GROSS AM LAND – TV series, 260 episodes, Servus TV