“Pharaoh Bipolar” is a cinematic experience in the field of art and disease – an encounter with the bipolar actor Werner Ludvig Buchmayer, who has suffered from the bipolar disorder (formerly manic depression) since his fifteenth birthday. We have witnessed the filming of his ‘Pharaoh film’, from the first casting to the premiere, high-altitude flights on the set and a deep fall into psychiatry, and went on a quest for the human being caught between two extreme Poles. The inner turmoil of the protagonist transfers to his family environment and is also reflected in the reactions of society, which raises the question: who is actually ‘crazy’ here and who ‘normal’?


Title: Pharao Bipolar
Directors: Bernhard Braunstein/David Gross
Idea: Braunstein/Gross
Camera: Braunstein/Gross
Editing: Dieter Pichler
Cast: Werner Ludvig Buchmayer
Documentary, DV-CAM, 60min
YEAR: 2008
LANGUAGE: german
PRDUCTION: mischief films, Braunstein/Gross
SUPPORT: Stadt und Land Salzburg, offscreen


Preis der Diözese Graz-Seckau/Diagonale 2006
Lobende Erwähnung der Jugend-Jury Diagonale 2006