A poetic documentary about dreamers and the development of dream landscapes in the development process of Polaroids.

‘Those who are prevented from dreaming for a long time must inevitably go mad,’ says Michael Ende. There are people who believe that the world was created by dreaming hikers. From the glimmering nothingness of the primordial age, the structures of dreams formed, the tangible grew out of the incomprehensible. This mystical process is amazingly similar to the development process of a Polaroid photo. At first only white, then shadows and hunches, in the end the image of a world we have not yet seen. The dream film follows this unheard-of movement, which floats image material from the depths of the subconscious to the surface. The collective dream factories are turned to the back, the very individual journey into the realm of the double exposures is the focus.


Author and director: Bernhard Braunstein
Documentary, 27 min, HD
Camera: Martin Hasenöhrl
Production: schaller08, supersonicglide