A car that runs on used vegetable oil, a mobile stove and a host of culinary ideas in his backpack: Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste is an entertaining road movie detailing a journey through five European countries, where the only thing on the menu is what others call garbage. David, the host of Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste, whips up creative meals aimed at fighting food waste and our consumption-driven society, and at the same time inspire us to search for creative solutions.

Website: https://www.wastecooking.com


Make food, not waste!

A 2015, 5×26 & 81 min, 
Mischief Films

PREISE (Auswahl)

• DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARDS 2015: Documentary Silver Award
• CANNES TV & MEDIA AWARD 2015: Silver Dolphin
• NaturVision 2016: Deutscher Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsfilmpreis

• DEAUVILLE Green Awards, France 2015
• INFF Innsbruck, Austria 2015
• IDFA Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015
• ECOCUP Moskau, Russia 2016
• GreenMe Filmfestival, Germany 2016
• Colorado Environmental Film Festival, U.S.A. 2016
• ZagrebDox, Croatia 2016
• Tartu World Film, Estonia 2016
• Cape Town Eco Film Festival, South Africa 2016
• Cinemazero Cultural Association, Italy 2016

Director: David Groß & Georg Misch
Script: David Groß (Autor & Presenter)
Camera: Daniel Samer
Sound: Tony Zhang
Editor: Marek Kralovsky 
Music: Jim Howard
Producer: Ralph Wieser
Production: David Bohun
Translation: Jill Kreuer
In Collaboration with: SWR/ARTE, ORF,

Supported by Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, Lebensministerium Austria