In the Bavarian-Salzburg border region an ancient heathen tradition is still practiced with great enthusiasm: the so called ‘Aperschnalzen’. While the wicked winter spirits were to be expelled by the loud sounds of the whip, this now affects the opposing teams. One of these teams, the ‘Pass’ Gois IV, accompanies the director and Schnalzer Martin Hasenöhrl during their six-week training for the ‘Great Rupertigaupreisschnalzen’, where more than 1500 active ‘Schnalzer’ from Bavaria and Salzburg – there and here – meet each year. A film not only for ‘Schnalzer’, but also for those who want to slip into this role. A film also for all those who have always wanted to understand what these men are doing right there and not at least a portrait of a small village in the exceptional state.



Author, director, editing: Martin Hasenöhrl
Camera: Martin Hasenöhrl, Markus Schulze, Marcus Bartos, Peter Schreiner
Sound: Leonhard Schwärz
Production: Martin Hasenöhrl in collaboration with the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
AT/DE 2007, 86 min. MiniDV, Colour 4:3 Letterbox, Stereo


offscreen – offenes film forum salzburg
Gemeinde Wals-Siezenheim


Max-Ophüls-Preis Saarbrücken Reihe Spektrum
Diagonale Graz
Stranger than fiction Köln
Filmfestival Radstadt
Salzburger Bergfilmfestival


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